Susanne started practicing Pilates 12 years ago due to long standing back and joint pain. She was amazed at how this simple body conditioning regime transformed her body and brought about pain relief.  From this point she was 'hooked' on Pilates and wanted to become a teacher in the method so she share the method to help other people.

Susanne first qualified to teach Pilates with STOTT PILATES in 2009 and is qualified to teach to an advanced level on the Mat and on all the Pilates apparatus.  She loves how the equipment can assist clients to experience exercises and movements that may not be possible on the mat. 

Susanne continually updates her education to learn more about the human body and how to improve movement and has undertaken training with some of the leading practitioners in the world (David Weinstock - NKT, Kathy Dooley - Immaculate Dissection & NKT, Perry Nicholson -Stop Chasing Pain & Primal Movement Chains) and Anatomy Trains workshops.  She has traveled the world to learn from mentors, this included a year teaching and training in the STOTT PILATES® licensed training centre in Dubai. Her extensive experience, knowledge and commitment to helping others lead to the opening of the Wakefield studio in Jan 2014.

Having had hip surgery for a Labral Tear injury in 2019 Susanne used the Pilates method to stay strong pre-surgery and for rehab after surgery. She has found that the combination of prescribed Physio exercises and appropriate Pilates exercises has brought about a fast recovery. She is passionate about empowering people to become more confident with their movement and assisting people to reduce their pain and restrictions through Pilates and movement therapy. 



Kelly has been teaching Pilates part-time for 10 years and has been with North Star Pilates from the beginning.

Kelly has suffered with lower back pain and tightness in her body most of her life, mainly due to having a desk based job since she was 18 yrs old. She managed it with regular Pilates and mindful movement. But in January 2019 she had an incident which resulted in a fragmented disc. In May 19 she had back surgery as the fragmentation caused a nerve compression which resulted in a condition called 'drop foot'. She rehabilitated herself using a mixture of physio exercises and Pilates and has now returned to work and teaching in just 6 weeks pain free.

Kelly is keen to teach people the importance of keeping your strength up before surgery as this aids a much quicker recovery. She can also empathise though how pain can be a worry for people and how it often creates a fear of moving. Kelly is wanting to help people understand their bodies more to overcome this fear and her mission is to now use her recent experience to help others with similar issues.

Kelly completed her Matwork course through STOTT Pilates® in London and more recently trained to teach Reformer. Kelly is certified at Level 1 Neuro Kinetic Therapy, which means she is able to identify problematic muscles in the body that contribute to pain and limitations of movement. 


I started Pilates three and a half years ago as part of my rehab following neurosurgery on my spine. At this point I wouldhave described myself as ‘exercise-phobic’ and spent every day in some level of pain from the mild to the debilitating can’t get out of bedsort of pain. I approached the initial session with a certain level of scepticism and fear that the exercise would increase my pain levels. At session one I was intrigued by the approach to teach you to move well within your ownlimitations and did my homework religiously. By session three I was hooked. The exercises built my understanding and confidence in what my body is capable of, supporting me to increase my strength, flexibility and overall effective movement. The wider benefits of increased energy levels, better mood and a feeling of improved overall wellbeing were notable. Eighteen months later a daft accident left me with a slipped disc that required surgery to fix and whilst Pilates didn’t prevent me from injury its benefits were so clearly evident in my recovery. Three weeks post op I was back in the studio and two weeks later I was able to return to my very busy day job, seven weeks earlier than my surgeon expected. From this point my interest in the theory of the exercises increased. My awareness of the impact of modern life on my body increased and my desire to learn more and more how to use movement as a way to improve my strength and resilience to live my best life increased.

I made the decision to train to be a Pilates instructor with Polestar Pilates less than a year after my surgery. I love the Polestar methodology and its focus to support clients to not only move well in the class but to develop the skills to move well in life. My training is developing my skills and knowledge of the Pilates methodology, both mat and equipment, to help clients find effective movement strategies they can apply to their day to day life. My drive is to support my clients to learn through movement how to move effectively and support them to live their best lives.   


Cristina has been involved with sports and dance all her life. She began to train in rhythmic gymnastics when she was 6 years old, participating in competitions at the regional level with the team from her home city in Spain. Later she started dancing in a ballet school and when she had to decide what to study at University, she chose Sports Science at A Coruña University, Spain.

As part of her undergraduate studies she learned about biomechanics, physiology and anatomy and these have been invaluable for her work as a Pilates Instructor. After university she returned to her dance training and also Pilates. She found the Pilates technique was the ideal vehicle to use her knowledge from her dance background and degree.
She certified in Pilates Mat in 2015 and in Reformer in 2016 and since then she has worked as a Pilates instructor. She believes in fluid and organic movement working with a sense of control and understanding of the body. She likes to convey a feeling of satisfaction from each exercise and to make it personal to the needs and abilities of each person.


Gill has worked in the movement industry for over 20 years.

Fully qualified Polestar Mat and studio equipment trained instructor, she is always attending courses to develop her knowledge. Gill brings a wonderful energy to the studio. Both class and 1:1 clients love working with her.