Pilates Matwork 
Level 1

Beginner - Essential repertoire.

Focuses on core strength & stability including 5 basic principles. You will learn simple, precise movements which will help you to tone muscles, develop flexibility and improve posture.

Max 7 people

Pilates Matwork
Level 1/2


Once the essential repertoire has been learnt and strength and stability have been gained you will be challenged by introducing intermediate repertoire and an increased in pace in the class.

Max 7 people

Pilates Matwork
Level 2/3

Advanced - Intermediate and Advanced Repertoire. 

A fast paced class for those that have a good understanding of the intermediate repertoire and wish to further challenge their strength and endurance.

Max 7 people

Apparatus Class

Apparatus/equipment classes are performed using a variety of specialised Pilates apparatus. The apparatus is based on spring resistance which supports, encourages & challenges the use of the body's own resistance. Suitable for all levels of ability. Incorporates the STOTT Pilates Reformer & V2 Max vertical Cadillac frame, Ladder Barrel, Stability Chair, Cadillac & a variety of small studio equipment.

Max 4 people 

Pilates BARRE class

Barre incorporates elements of dance, ballet, Pilates principles and movement all choreographed. Barre is amazing for toning thighs, glutes, arms and abs. It encompasses a standing Barre routine and also a Mat Pilates segment so you get the best of both worlds in this class.

Max 6 people

Chi Gong (new to the studio)

Chi Gong exercises were created in China and have been used for centuries to recharge your energy levels, improve health, slow aging and enhance your wellbeing. The special movements increase the flow of Chi (energy) in your body. During and after a Chi Gong class participants feels energised, calmer and more focused with an enhanced sense of wellbeing. Chi Gong suitable for all ages and abilities.

Max 8 people

Private Sessions - 1:1 / 2:1

Private sessions are recommended for a more tailor/individual approach, this could include rehabilitation, specific health conditions/injuries or athletic conditioning for the professional/amateur sports person. If you are new to Pilates, or if you wish to work under close direction to your specific goals, your instructor will devise a programme that meets your needs.

Private NKT®  Session - 1:1

This session will specifically focus on your painful areas of the body. Most pain and restriction in the body is a result of altered motor control and compensation through movement. Neuro-Kinetic Therapy is a system of manual therapy that uses specific sequences of muscle tests and soft tissue releases to engage the motor control centre of the brain. This in turn restores normal motion and movement.

Postural Analysis

This 60 minute session includes a full assessment, muscle testing and postural analysis.

This will give you an insight into your posture type; highlight which muscles are shortened/lengthened and reveal muscles that may be overcompensating for other muscle imbalances.