Community Classes

Mixed level

These are held in the Ackworth Parish Council rooms in Ackworth Village, Bell Lane. They are bigger classes & have been made more accessible by both cost & being held in a larger venue. Expect a range of levels, lots of different exercises & helpful tips on general movement. All abilities welcome.

Up to 15 people max 

Pilates Matwork 
Level 1

This class is for you if you have been through one of our courses or have done a little Pilates before. 

Focuses on learning about core strength, stability and mobility and includes the Pilates basic principles. You will learn movements with control and prescision which will increase your flexibility, help improve your core strength and improve posture.

Max 4/5people in-person

Pilates Matwork 
Level 1/2

Once the basic repertoire has been learnt and strength and stability have been gained, you will be challenged further by introducing more exercises and building onto what you have been taught. There will be an increased pace to the class and you will feel slightly more challenged.

Max 4/5 people in-person

Apparatus Class

Apparatus/equipment classes are performed using a variety of specialised Pilates apparatus. The apparatus is based on spring resistance which supports, encourages & challenges the use of the body's own resistance. Suitable for all levels of ability. Incorporates the STOTT Pilates Reformer & V2 Max vertical Cadillac frame, Ladder Barrel, Stability Chair, Cadillac & a variety of small studio equipment.

Max 4 people 

Apparatus Course

These coures are suitable for people who have never used the Pilates equipment before,

We run regular courses for people usually for 10 weeks. On this course you will learn how to use all the different pieces of equipment. The equipment is designed with resistence springs which can be used to assist people into positions they may not normally be able to acheive on the mat. Alternatively the springs can add challenge. The Pilates equipment is suitable for everybody.

Max 4 people 

Private Session 

Private sessions are recommended for a more tailored/individual approach, this could include rehabilitation, specific health conditions/injuries, athletic conditioning or you may just like training alone. If you are new to Pilates, or if you wish to work toward specific personal goals, your instructor will devise a programme that meets your needs. A private session is also a pre-requisite to enter a regualar equipment class. 1:1 sessions will always include a posture analysis and movement assessment.

Max 1/2 people

Intro To Mat Course

If you are an absolute beginner.

These courses are designed to teach you the fundamental basics of the Pilates method. We teach you about breathing and how it can help you engage your core muscles more effectively. You learn exercises specific to you and you get access to exercises online for support. Most people do this course if they have been recommended Pilates for back pain and other simialr injuries

Max 4/5 people in-person


The Pilates Reformer is one of the most recognisable pieces of Pilates apparatus popular with clebrities and sports people alike.  A wide variety of exercises are performed on the Reformer to promote length, strength, flexibilty and balance. Daily life improvements like more efficient movement, increased strength, better posture and for many, relief from pain associated with physical imbalances will be gained from regular practice. The Reformer is an incredibly versatitile piece of equipment and can be used for rehab as well as sports conditioning. Exercises can be done lying down, sitting, standing, kneeling. Suitable for beginners aswell as those more advanced.

The Reformer is used in our multi-appartus classes and courses and in a duo and private setting.

Pilates Gym 

You can book a space at a specified time slot & come & use the Pilates equipment doing your own personalised programme. You must have either some 1:1 sessions with us first or have prior experience of using the equipment recently. 

Max 4 people